Where we started, why we love what we do and why you should let us help your business.

Austrada is a business dedicated to using Excel and all of its functions to help improve the efficiency and usability of Excel reports. By doing this we have a history of saving businesses time and, as a result, money.

We love what we do and get excited when we can create the perfect outcome for a situation using Excel. So let us bring that excitement into your business and help make your life easier.

Anthony Lewis - Owner and Operatior of Austrada

Profile Picture of Anthony Lewis
Anthony has spent several years working as a financial analyst in multiple industries and while doing so has been involved in many spreadsheet related projects, developing a high level of enthusiasm and joy for working with Excel.

He began Austrada with the intention of taking this enthusiasm and joy for Excel and applying it to help other businesses create spreadsheets, applications and processes to help them save time, money, effort and frustration.

Anthony has his Bachelor of Business from the University of South Australia majoring in Accounting and a CPA Australian Accounting designation as well as a Canadian CMA Accounting designation.