How we can make your life easier through the use of Excel.

Excel can be used for more then just basic spreadsheet data capture and reporting and most users do not even brush the surface of what Excel is capable of doing. Whether it's setting up a brand new spreadsheet to handle any reporting requirements, restoring a spreadsheet back to its original brilliance, automating regular tasks or creating KPI dashboards that display your data in an aesthetically appealing way, no matter how big or small, let us help you. See below for more details on what we can do.

Contact us and tell us what you need and we will give you a description for how we might be able to help and what it may cost.

• New & Redesigned Excel Spreadsheet Development

We can take existing spreadsheets and rework them to meet new output criteria or create brand new spreadsheets to meet any desired requirements.

• Excel Automation & Macro Development

By working with VBA, the background programming in Excel, we can take your repetitive and time consuming tasks and turn them into a click of a button. Macros in Excel are an extremely powerful tool that can be used to replicate any number of tasks in Excel.

• Excel Spreadsheet Maintenance, Repairs & Validation

Have any Excel spreadsheets that no longer perform the functions they were intended to do? Have so many people made adjustments to a spreadsheet that no one can un-tangle the string of formulas? We can bring these spreadsheets back to their original brilliance.

• Unique Excel Formulas & Solutions

The pre-built formulas in excel have numerous applications and when these formulas are combined, almost any outcome can be acheived. Selecting the correct formula for use in large applications is also essential to keep spreadsheets running smoothly. Let us help you implement the correct formula solution for your spreadsheet.

• Customized Excel Reporting

Current dashboard, management or board reports looking tired, dull or not reporting exactly how you need them to? Let us help you rework them to create precisely what you need to report in an accurate and aesthetically pleasing manner.

• Customized Excel Charting & Graphing

Present your data in a way that is both meaningful and easy to understand with highly customised charts and graphs.